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Rockaway Park, NY

maybe not zero problems

Your lucky I had packet loss problems on the upstream for past year and quite bad this summer, they finally realized the lines here couldnt handle 64QAM on the upstream (rockaways queens) and new cmts uses max 16QAM so the problems occur less now but I would never say zero problems for tw in nyc. Back few years ago that was true. There is hope now that they added more downstream channels upgraded their cmts and doing more upgrades this year that it will be trouble free again at least for me.

1gbps is all the rage.
Astoria, NY
·Time Warner Cable
sorry for the long reply. I understand your problems, i followed it on your forum post. I thiink it's because you have so many buildings there, that your upstream will be congested. I'm gonna reword my review as i see the errors in it.

i hope the new cmts works well for you and they increase some node splits in your area.

good luck
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