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Boulder City, NV
reply to PrntRhd

Re: The Southern California Forum will be closing...

said by PrntRhd:

NorCal forum has been pretty quiet too but we do not have weather authority issues or old fartmeisters up there.

We ain't got them down here either...at least anymore.

Like a gold rush town where the mine has played out, all the old timers are pretty much gone, leaving a ghost town behind.
said by Andy from CA:

I'd rather have it merged into the Northern California forum. It makes no sense to merge a perceived idle forum into one that is an idle forum.

The California forum. Let the flames begin.

First off, there's nobody here to flame back, 'cept me really. Secondly, do you really want to post birthday wishes to one another 99% of the time?? For cryin' out loud, waterboard me first. (...guess that could be considered a flame)

Nah, I say the Forum be put out to pasture in the Southwest Chat where it can die a dignified death.

So with that, I will no longer be posting here (posting here just enough to maintain a DSLR-pulse only prolongs the Forums agony and is not humanitarian.) If the few remaining lurkers agree, just keep lurking, no posting, and it will go into an induced coma. At some point, some passing mod will notice and dispose of the corpse in the Southwest graveyard, um, Chat.

With that said, I leave with an apropos video; The final credits to the final episode of Cheers (had I any video talent I would have edited and scrolled all the great peoples screen names and avatars that posted here over the years to the theme music, it was just that kinda place... )


Goodbye, and Farewell

Fairfield, CA

Wrong music, it should be the MASH movie "suicide is painless".