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Warwick, RI
reply to Smith6612

Re: Higher DSL speeds?

a few thoughts out loud:
1) verizon would like to dump the fiber too if they could but they already invested in it however they don't want to build it out anymore then what is already contracted .
2) For areas that will never see fiber bonded pairs could have helped DSL but verizon is not interested in investing in such.
3) LTE is nice however is not very useful with low usage caps. I would rather have a slow 1 mb DSL connection then a capped super fast LTE connection.
4) If and when the copper plant does get abandoned / shut down there becomes the question of what to do with the copper that's hanging on the poles. Add to this abandoned copper drops going into many homes that have "migrated" to fiber. Scrapping the copper down from the poles will not be easy. The fiber plant was lashed right around the existing copper plant using the same guy / messenger support(s). Unless a big storm hits and pulls all down that copper will be up there for the foreseeable future even if no longer used.

North Tonawanda, NY
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You make some good points norbert. It's probably a part of the reason why after Ivan left, or announced he was leaving why the idea of FiOS pretty much died off. But, now that it's built they have to use it for the reason it was intended. Bonded ADSL2 pairs would be great and if their DSLAMs are worth a good amount they could probably turn it on overnight, but with the majority of ADSL gear out there (especially old gear!) it's obviously going to be an investment.

With the way HomeFusion is priced, it's the reason why I'd rather keep my 1M/384k service with DSL (yeah, I know my speed is higher >> ). From my own experience with LTE, the DSL remains consistent, just gives better latency and of course, doesn't have those data limits.

I do myself wonder what the copper plant will be used for when it is retired and shut off completely (when the feds allow that). Copper thieves will certainly make bank on it if Verizon won't take it down and scrap it.