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East Amherst, NY
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Bhruic

Re: Sad

Disruption is a biatch. You have to dismiss, because it's light years better--until it really starts hurting. Then you pay off your local congress or legislature to erect artificial barriers.

In my area if you pay more than $100 for a 3-play you are a sucker. TWC just threw me a deal for $89 for a year, a free home DVR and 3 months of pay channels. Of course we have robust competition and I have FIOS. My brother who lives in a TWC-only area pays $160 for the same gig minus the whole home DVR, it would be $200/mo.

TRUE competition in open markets is better for everyone...Of course the weak companies die, but that is what should happen, not kept afloat by government regulation and protection.

I imagine if Google said Baltimore, Buffalo, Boston..I'm here Verizon wouldn't take a dump... I guess VZ doesn't like B's....