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reply to mr_ice

Re: [Line Problem] Frequent disconnects

said by mr_ice:

Have frequent disconnects. Tech support saw no problem.

We have 54 dB of attenuation. How do we find the length of the wire. Is 54 dB of attenuation expected?

You could post a request for an MLT check in the AT&T Direct forum. I posted such a request when it was SBC, and I wanted to see if I could go from 1536/384 (Express) to 3008/512 (Pro). I could, and my loop was 9,156 feet.

54dB is probably a little longer, barring other conditions. Whether it is to be expected depends on the loop length.

When I had AT&T ADSL, I had SNR 11 dB with attenuation of 51 dB. Modem would sync reliably at 3008/512.

It is possible that there re other interferers. Streetlights, fluorescent lights, CFLs, even exercise treadmills, have been causes for others.
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