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East Amherst, NY
reply to PastTense

Re: If FIOS raises prices, why switch?

No surprise. This is business 101. Get traction, raise prices, introduce gaps in preferential pricing. Every beef on this thread is exactly what Verizon wants.

With that said, Verizon sunk a lot of capital into my GPON, and TWC is busy plastering my mailbox w/ $89 deals w/ a whole home DVR for free. When my NO CONTRACT price lock expires in Jan, you bet I will be having a stocking stuffer of either VZ or TWC. They are commodities to me, nothing more.

I think Verizon made a big mistake in running B/GPON's and they know it. They should have run Ethernet optical SW/copper and handled optical at the node level. That way they wouldn't have to keep swapping equipment at the prem, or if they do, just a transceiver/router.

The sooner these yoyos understand they are simple commodities the better. Since I use only a cable card, I just swap it out and reprogram the channels. Now for $10 a month I'm not going to move, but for $30, suck eggs.

BTW - I'm perfectly happy w/ my 25/25. It serves my needs. But alas Verizon is not happy, and who cares about the customer?

I think Verizon got caught flat footed on how quickly the dinosaur cable companies rolled out D3 and ate their DSL and FIOS lunch. As I said they are commodities...Perfectly fungible. So the quants decided that 30% penetration was all they were going to get, so slowly turn up the heat to maximize profits.



The GPON is the best solution. Get rid of copper completely!