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North York, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
reply to XNemesis

Re: [Cable] Faster Cable tiers?

said by Taylortbb:

From what I've heard (but I haven't confirmed this myself) they'll only come after TekSavvy switches to aggregated. Which is in progress but an expensive and complex transition. I think still waiting on the CRTC relating to interconnect pricing.

Teksavvy wants to delay the switch to Aggregated POI IIRC... I'd rather pay more so they can get the switch done sooner. Doesn't make sense to continue to expand an old technology when the switch to Aggregated POI has to be done sooner or later.

said by XNemesis:

I checked out the 150Mb package from rogers...wow, only 250Gb for that speed. I wonder what the reasoning is for such measly caps? Is it that much more expensive to offer even double that or is it even a matter of price?

Why do you think Robellus now charges $73/$75 for more or less the same 6GB Super Plan that they offered last month for around $60?