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Saint-Laurent, QC

Acanac will not send me my modem

What is wrong with this company?? I've been with Acanac for something like 4 years and never had a problem, so I decided to take my service with me when I moved. I had DSL at my old place and asked to install cable service at my new address. I was told that I would have to make a new order for cable and pay for an additional 12 months (even though Acanac owes me for 9 months of service on my DSL account). I sent an email to cancel that service a month ago, and it still hasn't even been cancelled and I haven't received my refund either. They also refused to refund me my deposit that I put on my modem. I did receive an email saying that I would be charged the regular rate for the months that I used even though I extended my service for another 12 months (didn't cancel).

But that isn't the worst... I was supposed to receive my modem on September 5th. I had specified a mailing address for the modem. The modem was shipped to the address that I had asked, but with the wrong postal code (they put the service address postal code). Canada Post held onto it because of that. Not a big deal right? Mistakes happen, I understand that, so I called Canada Post the same day to correct the postal code and was told that Acanac would have to be the one to call them, but the process would only take 2 minutes to resolve. I called Acanac that same day (September 5th) and asked them to call Canada Post to update the postal code. I called almost every day since then (including today) to try to get my modem. It's been two weeks now since I first called, and I am still in the exact same place as I was two weeks ago. Acanac is refusing to send me a new modem and they cannot even tell me when I will receive one. They are also refusing to connect me with someone who can help me. They will not allow me to speak with a manager, or someone in shipping. This company has over $1000 of mine and is not offering me any service. If I sound upset, it's because I am. I've spent HOURS on the phone trying to get the service that Acanac charged me for, but is refusing to give to me.

Toronto, ON


I replied to your same post on the other forum.


Toronto, ON
reply to kuhris

kuhris informs me they have received the Modem.