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I'll Be Back

Lodi, NJ
reply to Os

Re: Oh well,

said by Os:

Verizon will eventually be in a world of hurt if wireless tanks. Let's face it, smartphone adoption is maturing, and data prices are in the stratosphere. The market is likely to bring those down, with T-Mobile going unlimited, and Sprint refusing to drop it.

I can't imagine anyone voluntarily signing up for Share Everything. Verizon is essentially double the cost of Sprint and T-Mobile now.

Maybe Verizon doesn't want customers at all.

That's what I did. I was on the Sprint sliver (450 min unlim text and data) after taxes and the 10 up charge for the smartphone with an 18% corp discount). I was near 90.00 per month.

I now have an unlocked Galaxy Nexus on Tmo with the 30.00 prepaid. It works great and have better service then I did with Sprint.

People are having to get creative and decide what they want. If FIOS keeps doing this then it's bye bye to.