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Edmonton, AB
reply to Calvin1111

Re: [BC] Telus Actiontec v1000 unable to communicate with my bri

You seem to be misunderstanding how the EDUP and other Home Plug devices work. They are simply a bridge device that allow you to transport Ethernet over the existing wiring in your home. In this case its using the electrical wiring in the house to communicate between the bridges. They do not establish a wireless link between them. The reason it has been stated that it is probably a wiring issue in the house, is that like other wired communication you need a path between the 2 devices. What it sounds like is that the electrical outlets you are attempting to use are isolated from each other, and thus no path.

Since you proved that the devices are working when you tested them at your place, why not try plugging them both into the same outlet and attempting a connection that way. This will at least prove that the devices are able to communicate with the Actiontec and the other devices just fine, and show that the issue is related to the wiring in your GF's place. If they are able to communicate properly, try other outlets around her place to see which ones would work. Maybe you will find another outlet close by that will serve the requirements. If not I would recommend in looking into a wireless adapter for the device that requires the wired connection, or look into a wireless AP that has the ability to work in client mode. This will allow the AP to be a client of the Actiontec's wireless, and provide the wired ports you need.