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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to Os

Re: it'd be funny if...

said by Os:

Really? How much will 10/1 internet and basic digital cable cost you from TWC? I bet you more than $120 unless you're on a yearly promo.

Sorry, but promos are the way of the world. I don't like it either, but we manage to use them year after year to achieve reasonable pricing.

We disconnected basic cable years ago when things went digital, and we haven't looked back since. IF we were to order same, today, we would get "basic digital cable" and 10/1 service for $60/month with a 1-year price guarantee, after which it would more than double if we didn't renegotiate.

I experience similar offerings for Cox and Charter in nearby areas; Comcast is more difficult, always has been, makes U-Verse seem competitive.

We currently pay $30/month for 10/1 with a 1-year price guarantee. We can downgrade to 3/1 for $20/month.

We have a 10Gbit fiber ring six feet from my door that my tax money paid for over a decade now, but neither the Muni nor AT&T will let us access it.