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Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to MovieLover76

Re: I recently jumped off that bandwagon

said by MovieLover76:

Went with Straight Talk with AT&T sim, after taxes it's about $48 a month and I don't see any real difference in the service, I'm very happy with the switch, only regret is that I didn't do it earlier.

Same boat as you. Although as IT support, I still get StraightTalk's data usage warning and that is with no youtube or netflix streaming.

They do give you unlimited data, just not unlimited 4G data. When I call to have them reset me, I get 6-9Mbps down and 3 up. After I've get the death call its more like 0.18Mbps down, but still 2-3 Up.
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Very happy to see both of your posts. I too went with a Galaxy Nexus GSM on Straight talk, halved my bill. Couldn't be happier with my phone (big win!) and service. Looking to move other family members to do the same.

You don't have to pay through the noise to enjoy your communication experience people! Leave your over valued carrier plans for better pastures please!!!


reply to TheHelpful1
Their unlimited, is like most prepaid carriers not really unlimited 4G, the safe number is about 2GB a month, which I can easily stay under by using wifi at home and work and I watch youtube videos now and then.

But it is a concession you make when going to prepaid, I'd still rather be throttled down than charged $15/GB on top of $100 a month for the same unlimited talk/text and 2GB of data.