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California, MD

Metrocast Strike 1 ?

I guess somehow someone was running BT on my network....
Granted I dont use BT but they said someone was on my IP downloading and sharing mp3s for about a month...

They killed my connection.... any thoughts on this ? I am back online and running smoothly...



Tilton, NH
Can you try again, only this time with more actual details?

"they said" = Metrocast did? How? A letter? A phone call? Did they say that your IP was reported to them through a DMCA notice? Did they provide you with the supporting documentation of the claim? Was it a bandwidth limit overage issue?

"they killed my connection" = How? Did they cancel your account? Just the internet portion? What about the cable TV portion? Did they tell you that you were no longer welcome as a customer?

"I am back online and running smoothly" = How? Did your account get reinstated? Was it never cancelled? Did you sign up under someone else's name at your same address? Did you move? Did you sign up with a new ISP?


California, MD
Sorry I am half sick and asleep when I wrote this....

I woke up from being sick, after a week of travel in AZ, and my modem was turned off... I called and they said that I had violated their policy of downloading music and sharing it.

They have 3 strike policy,



East Lyme, CT
reply to chess1
That's actually interesting to hear the specifics of how they manage such things.

A few suggestions: 1) If you have unsecured wireless, learn how to secure it. 2) If you share your broadband with others in some other way, stop doing it. 3) If you use bit torrent, understand that while using it, you and what you are downloading are basically visible to everyone. Things like copyrighted songs and movies can cause the type of result you experienced, or worse (litigation).