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Installation nightmare

About 6 months ago I received a notice about Sonic's new Fusion service and checked to see if it was in our area. To my surprise, I was told that it was. Pleasant Hill, CA is a bit of a communications waste land. When the installer came out, he was unable to locate a circuit suitable for the installation, so he relayed that back to Sonic (I was standing next to him), picked up his materials and left. Then the billing commenced. I had sent emails on several occasions requesting that they stop the billing but the only communications I received said that they were attempting to contact me by phone, not a good option for me. Finally today, 5 months later, they called and I talked to Vince. Nothing was said that had not been already been via email. He said that Sonic was aware that service could not be established, (yet the started and continued billing). I requested that they discontinue the billing and refund the charges and installation fee. I received this email:


Per our conversation earlier today I am placing a disconnect order for your Fusion service and starting the cancellation process. Additionally I am having 3 months worth of service credited back to the card we have on file. As we discussed on the phone, since we made our policy clear to you on multiple occasions over the past 4 months we cannot credit back everything from the order date.

Feel free to let us know if you have any further questions or issues.

Thanks and have a great day!

Vince B. support@sonic.net
Sonic.net Support 707.547.3400
Santa Rosa, CA 95407 »www.sonic.net/support/"

This is simply not the case as this is the first time we actually talked. Besides, how can Sonic justify charging for something that was never delivered?

I had still planned to getting Sonic if/when they ever reliably made it to the Pleasant Hill area, but these tactics are not acceptable and thus, I doubt very much that a relationship with Sonic net is in our future.

Exceedingly unhappy,

Thomas M Langley


That is ridiculous... they are basically saying... we know you never had our service and we were billing you for it but we can't refund you all your money. I thought Sonic.net was supposed to be about customer service...


reply to notdefined
Everything is cleared up. While I would not suggest the attitude I copped, I think this forum played a large part.

If they ever make it to our area, I still would not think twice about signing on.

An Sonicnet, I'm really not a problem customer.