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Binghamton, NY

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reply to Telco

Re: Switched to Virgin

said by Telco:

* Unlimited Incoming calls and text.

This bit is key. European callers to wireless phones pay a premium, because they use a caller-pays model. That's why I can call my friend in Finland for $0.029/min if I hit her landline, but it costs $0.169/min to call her mobile.

Many Europeans also may a premium to text people on other providers, because the providers charge each other hefty peering fees to exchange text messages. In the United States such fees are minimal to non-existent, and people would find it outrageous if they had to pay extra money to text their best friend on a different carrier.

The grass is not always greener on the other side....


I've used both and would much rather have their model. Why should I pay when someone else decides to to call me? Likewise, why should I pay if someone decides to text me.

You are correct about the carrier differences. However, the going rate for texts here is now 20 cents. Therefore, if a person decides to send someone without a text plan 100 messages, that's $20 to receive texts that literally cost a carrier nothing.