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[DSL] Dry Loop self-install help

Hi guys, I'm posting this here because I believe this might be a relatively simple problem

I had a technician come by and do "his half" of a dry-loop DSL installation for internet service. He tracked wires in the basement of my house, and did something with the phone jacks. My modem/router work through the phone jack but without connection to the internet; he said that another technician needs to come by to complete the wiring on the exterior of the house for there to be an internet connection. He has not showed up in 2 weeks, so I've decided to take a look at it myself

Here are some pictures of the wiring/box:

The white and blue wires are connected to bolts (with a dry loop tag from the technician), and there are 2 bolts underneath with no wires connected.

If anyone could provide some insight, or tell me which wires need to be hooked up, I would be very appreciative.

Thanks in advance,


Nepean, ON
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The top two bolt/nuts appear to be the phone line (with white and blue wires). Connect your dry-loop wires (red/green) to those.

Also disconnect any pairs not part of the dry loop, which means one pair of white/blue wires probably should be disconnected, leaving just the pair coming in from outside of the house.

Edit: But first, it's still not 100% clear from your description what has been done already. Need to be careful not to undo whatever that was.



Im not sure at all what the technician did, I just know that he tied a note to the blue and white wires that said "dry loop here". If I disconnect the blue and white wires to connect the green and red ones to those bolts, could it possibly mess something up? (or could I just reconnect the blue/white if it doesn't work?)