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Looking for help with 2Wire 3600 HGV

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Good Evening

I am having problems with my u-verse internet. As many others, it intermittently drops off, however the details of mine may be a bit different so I am making a new post. Also, I have tried many of the suggested solutions and those that worked for other people in other posts, but without any positive results thus far.

I have a Windows 7 64bit PC, hardwired via ethernet directly to the 2Wire 3600 HGV, then it is connected directly into the wall jack.

Basically, my internet stops for a very short time, few seconds, on intermittent basis. Many times it will be 2 or 3 times in a row a few minutes apart, then will work good for several hours. There may be 2 separate causes, neither one of which I have managed to address.

1st kind of stop, the "service" light on the gateway goes from solid green, to blinking green, or goes out altogether and just stays off for a couple seconds. note: this one does NOT show up in the UV Realtime error monitor, only the 2nd one below does. If it showed the total number of errors would be roughly doubled. I should also note, when this happens, I can still connect to the router on, but can not connect anywhere outside it. So my traffic stops at the router.

2nd type of stop, the "Broadband" light turns red for a couple seconds. This shows up on the UV Realtime error monitor. When this occurs, unlike above, I cant even connect to the router, basically the router goes dead for a couple seconds.

These are becoming increasingly more frequent, now to the point where we can no longer play any online games, watch programs or have a single uninturrapted vid chat session. So effectively this negates the main points of having a home PC.

Things I have tried so far:

1. Chkdsk, defrag, set my PC firewall to let all my apps through, updated mobo and network drivers, etc.
2. Changed DNS on the PC to Google DNS.
3. Flushed DNS cache, released, renewed.
4. Reset the 2Wire HGV3600, several times
5. Rebooted it, cleared all the logs, etc.
6. Disabled any / all unnecessary for me features on it, such as wireless, since we do not use it.
7. Double checked the router firewall settings to allow necessary traffic, and thats only 1 app, Guild Wars 2.
8. Checked my cables countless times
9. Moved the plug for router power adapter from a strip to independant wall jack.
10. Checked temperature, no part of it is overheating, its a couple degrees above ambient, steady.

Only thing I havent tried is run DMZ plus mode, as I am a little afraid what that may do to my system security.

All that and no results.

So, here are the screens from UV Realtime, hopefully someone can help or think of something else I have not tried on my end, perhaps some other router or windows7 parameter somewhere.

Thank You


The problem is the errors on the actual VDSL2 signal and really has nothing to do with your network setup and pc configuration. If you let the error table collect data for a few days without a modem reboot you'll have a pile of link retrains, etc. There's no telling what might be causing the interference with the signal, but it's common (especially on self installations like yours) to need a few tech visits to clean up the wiring from the modem to the cabinet near your home where the fiber terminates.
The good news is that aside from the errors, your line stats are very nice. You live in a good spot for Uverse services.

Yea, I kinda figured it would be something like that. I live in a 50 year old + large apartment building (185 units), we have fiber going to the building but then the interior wiring is very outdated.

I had a tech out here twice but it was for a total service loss. 1st time it was a box outside that got wet during last winter, they just completly replaced it because I wasnt the only one affected, 2nd time was some wiring downstairs.

I actually havent had a single occurance since I posted this, but if it comes back I will do exactly that, better yet, I hope whatever it is just breaks down completely so its not intermittent, makes it easy to fix and usually the fixes / solutions are much longer lasting.