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annoying glitch schedualed programs not fully recorded?

idk why the NESN channel 97 is always having issues.

yet again, yesterday the Dennis and Callahan broadcast was only recorded for about 20-30 minutes and it just stops

theres nothing else scheduled at that time and im not even watching/using the box between 6-9am so all these issues are either the Box or from the distrubition end

sometimes is also have issues with First Take on ESPN 2/News, ill check the recordings and theres 2 sperate recordings where it stopped, then started again in the middle of the program.

its extremely annoying, i have a whole list of shows/series and ONLY these morning Programs ever have issues, its pissed me off so much ive actually had to set the First Take schedule to ALL REPEATS so i got 3-4 redundant repeat recordings each day between 10-2pm on ESPN2 and NEWS just to make sure the DVR doesnt screw it up so i have 2-3 other chances as "backup", or theres some stupid Tennis match on and the Verizon guide isnt updated so it doesnt record NEWS isntead of 2

D&C are replayed at 7pm's on NESN during Redsox games but thats 12hrs later

and neither shows have a video on demand option if you missed the airings, you can only listen to their audio podcast off WEEI or ESPN.