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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to The Limit

Re: Reasonable

said by The Limit:

You are correct in that ISPs don't explicitly advertise unlimited, but they sure do advertise the product as more than promised, because the average user has no idea how much he/she consumes, let alone the speed they pay for in the end. When caps become more standard, people will start seeing nice overage charges on their bills if my hypothesis is correct.

I feel that better education would actually fix our situation rather than regulation, even though I've advocated for regulation in the past. I've given up on the FCC, as well as any government agency, to fix our problems for us.

I agree. I think there should be some kind of "easy to find" meter that users can use to see how much that they have used and if they are close. Its in their billing system, but how many people actively look for it?

At the same time though, I am sure you will agree that with the caps set so high that there is virtually no risk of common consumers hitting them. I believe your hypothesis would be correct if the caps were set low. When Comcast is setting caps at the 250-300gb level, just based on the usage statistics I have seen and that have been posted here, you won't be correct.
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