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Loganville, GA
·AT&T Southeast
reply to Metatron2008

Re: Not sure what the big deal is?

I never said that anything was OK. I merely stated who owned what and therefore said property owners have certain intrinsic rights to their property, which means that a renter of such property cannot demand those same rights, unless the property owner allows it.

If I owned my own wireless telephone network, and I knew that certain devices tended to "overstay" their welcome on the network to the point that there were imminent, potential ramifications to others who were similarly on my network, then I have the right (as the owner of said network) to restrict usage based on those products/services that tend to have a bigger "overstay" potential.

Also remember that this isn't *blocking* usage, this is *restricting* usage. Then again, perhaps if enough people find such restrictions harmful enough to their general usage and enjoyment of network rental, perhaps the owner of said network will relent and make a change.


Hazelwood, MO

Welcome to the world of business where the government defines how you may conduct your business whether you think you as an "owner" have a right to do what you will or not. They can tell you when, how and even if you can operate your business.

And lets not forget, they lease the spectrum from the government, they actually own nothing.