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Re: AMD Radeon HD 8870 and HD 8850 Specifiation Leaked

I'm really looking for something sweet for an eyefinity setup. My family and I will be PCSing to Okinawa at the first of the year, and a new television is definitely in the plans when we get there. So, I'll be buying a new TV anyhow...I'm just looking for the best possible way to set up 3 monitors for gaming/netflix etc on the computer. The reason I linked the Samsung md230x3 is because it is basically plug and play. If a better option is getting 3 120Hz HDTVs and setting them up, then I'm all about it. I realize that buying the displays separately and setting them up myself is definitely cheaper, but do I really want to take the chance of ruining a $300 display in order to modify it to resemble the md230x3?

I've never undertaken a project like this before, and I just want the best results. My options are as follows: buy 3 monitors with really thin bezels and a 3 display bracket; buy 3 monitors with thicker bezels, a bracket, and modify the bezels to be thinner; buy 3 larger display 120Hz HDTVs and modify the bezels; or buy a samsung md230x3.

I could always skip the "modify the bezels" part and see how things go with the thicker black line in the display. But then the question is do I go with 120Hz tv's or with monitors? It looks like a 120Hz 32" television and a 60Hz 23" monitor are roughly the same price...not sure why, but that's what my amazon search is showing me.
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