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Aw Man
Annapolis, MD
reply to disconnected

Re: Client is Asking for TOTAL Copy Protection of Online Videos

Concur with all the above as to the futility of being able to do this.
So on the other hand, convince your customer it's not worth throwing in the towel.
1. Take reasonable steps, as seems to be done currently.
2. Understand some 'pirating' will be done.
3. Such unauthorized copies may impact immediate returns, but do serve as free advertising (see recent musical/band releases and 'leaks').
4. Halting entirely = no income. Continuing while accepting some loss = current income. What's better?
5. Discuss annual content updates, so even if pirated, a new version is out again next year, producing possible 'upgrade' income, creating more effort for the unauthorized duplicators, and keeping the audience loyal as your content will be more current than the illegal versions.
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