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Cat god

Riverside, NJ
reply to JasonOD

Re: Not sure what the big deal is?

said by JasonOD :

AT&T never took anything away from users, and never offered facetime over 3g until now. They added 3g facetime as a subscriber benefit to data plans that allow potential heavy-use compensation to AT&T in the form of overages. That's really the entire story, no net-neutrality issue here.

AT&T is blocking a third party usage of their network, which is the very definition of a network neutrality violation. AT&T claims they can do this because FaceTime is built into iOS.

Say AT&T decides they want to block YouTube, which is another built-in app (in iOS 5 and earlier). Well according to AT&T, they can block it if they want. Now as of iOS 6, YouTube is no longer built-in, it's a downloadable app. According to AT&T, they can't block those apps.

So if AT&T was blocking YouTube, they could do so under iOS 5, but not iOS 6. That makes as much sense as AT&T blocking FaceTime and claiming that they are "allowing it over WiFi" (which makes even less sense).
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