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Vernon, BC
reply to Calvin1111

Re: [BC] Telus Actiontec v1000 unable to communicate with my bri

said by Calvin1111 :

I somewhat understand how the EDUP bridge works but I think it's the Telus modem router that is the problem.

Your understanding is a little shy in order to figure this out. Your device superimposes the high frequency network signal on top of the 60 cycle electrical signal distributed throughout the house. As long as the other end is connected to the same circuit, it filters out the 60 cycle signal to get the network signal. The Telus router is just another device on the network, and cannot impact the network signal.

The single phase electrical signal that feeds the house comes from a transformer that deliver 2 x 110 volt circuits that are 180 degrees out of phase with each other. High frequency signals will not pass through the transformer, so for the purposes of your devices, the two circuits are isolated. Using the 2 hot wires from each phase produces 220 volts. Using either hot wire and the neutral wire produces 110 volts. With the possible exception of the kitchen outlets, the two plug ins on each room outlet are on the same circuit. As TiberiusX says, testing your devices on a single outlet will verify that your devices are working properly.

Having said that, there are some possible problems with using house wiring. Any connected device that produces high frequency feedback can be a problem. This can include (but is not limited to) low quality AC variable speed drives.