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WISP dish points at ground...

So yeah, I wanted to know what you guys think of this? My WISP dish points at the ground instead of the horizon where the tower is. My speeds aren't bad and roll around 4 meg and I'm on an 8 meg pipe... It drops in every thunderstorm though for whatever reason. Maybe its not grounded or something.

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It actually is pointing at the horizon.

This is a common visual misconception compared to satellites aimed at the sky.

The radio hits the back of the dish at an angle... Therefore the received signal is also at an angle to the dish, not straight on.

For instance if the radio is offset about 30deg from the back dish, then the received signal is actually 30deg higher than the direction the "dish" is pointing.

Sounds like a decent connection, but if you have any trees in the way they are the reason you lose it in a storm I would imagine. Leaves are a bad thing to begin with, but wet leaves are much worse.


Bartlesville, OK
reply to StarSlicer
It has to do with the geometry of the signal. Even though the dish is not pointed straight at the tower, the signal being bounced off the dish from the access point is.

As for your other problem, the dish may need realignment with the tower or there may be a problem with the equipment on the tower... One more thing is that there seems to be some trees in the area. There might be some trees blocking some of the signal.

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Best way I can think of to explain it is this:


It all makes sense. I called down to T6 just to see what kind of connection I am getting anyway. He told me -77 db. he says over the course of whatever history he had the lowest it ever was, was -76 and the highest -86. So, those are numbers I can live with.

As far as the storms go, it all started when there was a terrible set of storms down in Illinois earlier this year. Their network was down for a couple days and since then its been terrible during storms. It is probably just some equipment issues in their grid I cannot do much about.

Just for the heck of it though I might try grounding the dish since none of the outlets in this old house are grounded. The electrical here never responded well to storms and I have paid for it with several nuked TVs and about a dozen phones. You used to have to stay away from our telephone back in the day because it would ring when lightning was close... and if it was really close it would shock your face...

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Just as an FYI, -76 is a better signal strength than -86.


I know, thank you though.