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Fedora 18 Alpha Released

The Fedora 18 "Spherical Cow" Alpha release is plumping up! This release
offers a preview of some of the best free and open source technology
currently under development.
CAUTION: The Anaconda installer for Fedora 18 will format the entire disk unless custom partitioning is selected.
In Fedora 18 Alpha, if you select a disk or disks to which to install Fedora in the Installation destination screen and hit 'Continue' at the 'INSTALLATION OPTIONS' dialog without checking Let me review & customize the partitioning of the disks anyway, then complete the installation, the installer will reformat all disks selected without any further warning. There is no option presented to use free space on the disks or resize existing partitions, all existing data on the disks will be lost.

Checking the Let me review & customize the partitioning of the disks anyway box allows you to enter the custom partitioning screen, where you may be able to create a viable layout without destroying existing data. Be aware, however, that the custom partitioning screen is far from complete and known to be buggy. We strongly advise you to install Fedora 18 Alpha only on systems or virtual machines which contain no data of value to you.

This is not the final design of the partitioning process for Fedora 18, and it will be improved for the Beta and Final releases.

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