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Mount Airy, MD
reply to FFH

Re: EFF & ACLU want criminal safeguards in a civil process

said by FFH:

The EFF & ACLU want criminal safeguards to be invoked in a civil process. It isn't ever going to happen.

I don't think this would be such a bad idea. I know it is highly unlikely but if the Constitution were to be amended so that, as pertaining to civil lawsuits, the following rules were to apply:

1. The plaintiff must prove his case beyond a reasonable doubt, as opposed to the current standard of preponderance of evidence.

2. No defendant can be compelled to testify against himself.

3. A trial judge in any civil case in which the plaintiff loses must award some form of compensation to the defendant if the defendant can show that he will endure hardship as a result of paying for legal expenses.
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