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Harrisburg, PA
reply to CeeZee

Re: [DVR] 7232 Slow, Unrepsonsive Until Warms Up or a Reboot

same problem here in Harrisburg


Montvale, NJ
Same here and MR feature not working. Had someone here last weekend who changed some splitters, updated power supply, checked everything and all was working as normal.

Last night, same thing - lost MR and response on all boxes (7216, 7232s) was intolerable.

I was a first gen adopter in VHO7, as soon as it was available, but this is a dealbreaker.

Calling tonight for service on Sat. I don't care if they have to rewire the whole house and put in all new equipment. I pay a lot for this and if they can't maintain proper operating conditions I (and we) can go elsewhere).

This thread is going on 3 weeks old. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel? Can't FF, RW, change channels, etc.

I can deal with an almost imperceptable decrease in PQ for equipment that WORKS (even if the interface is like that of a Commodore 64 ).