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Re: [General] VOIP over LTE

I use SIP. It works good over Verizon 3G hotspots and an AT&T 4G phone. AT&T's net configuration interferes with that protocol, but it doesn't take money or a rocket scientist to get around that or public wifi APs with firewalls and port restrictions. Given LTE has lower latency and jitter than EvDO or HSPA+ and the fact port and protocol filtering(along with aggressive NAT)is employed in at least some of my connection situations, I assume it will work at least as well as it does for me(even if vzw does employ aggressive Nat or filter ports on lte, which I would wager the former and not the latter may apply), as the best we have is hspa+ from AT&T, whose NAT requires some wiggling around, and it works brilliantly for me. SCall quality over hspa+ on voip very much surpasses AT&T's voice quality, using the same towers and Android phone.
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