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[TWC] Old router firmware

I'd like to go on a quick rant because I'm pretty peeved by the customer service response I just got.

I got a new 30/5 service plan for a new home and got a docsis 3.0 Ubee router. The router only shows WEP encryption and I need to use WPA. So I called TWC customer support to let them know I need them to push a firmware upgrade to my router. I know for a fact that they have other firmware versions support WPA.

The guy responded that Ubee is the one responsible for pushing updates to my router periodically. I responded that that doesn't make any sense and asked how in the world Ubee would know that I just got new internet service and a router and know about my router IP address. I got put on hold for a while so he could talk to level 3 support. The guy finally comes back and says I need to drive to my local service center to get my router swapped with a newer one. Really??? Am I wrong to think that's it's absolutely insane that my ISP is unable to push a firmware update to me?

Alger, OH
You could just place the Ubee in bridge mode. Then you could use a Linksys router or something else for your wireless access. That way you can use WPA like you want too.

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reply to steve23063
TWC won't push firmware on your demand, they'll push it on there schedule after it passes their lab testing.

Asking won't speed up the process.

Sortof Agoblin
Orchard Park, NY
reply to steve23063
"Am I wrong to think that's it's absolutely insane that my ISP is unable to push a firmware update to me?"

You asked. Yes, Firmware updates are not pushed on demand. All modems on the network should have the same firmware which is pushed when TWC is comfortable that it works with the network configuration. As stated, put the modem in bridge mode and use your own router behind it.

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