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reply to Immer

Re: [PvP] Immer is leveling a pvp toon...

I’m sure you’ll have some fun, especially playing with who you have an obvious synergy with.

In a BG environment, all are willing participants who want to challenge their abilities against yours, and it’s a more noble pursuit than it gets credit for.

Some of the most relaxing an fun experiences I’ve had is in BG environments with a couple of close friends. The common misconception is everyone is blasting Rage Against the Machine and mashing their keyboards with frothing mouths. That may describe some, but that’s why you make gnomes with pinky pony tails……at least I do, lol. For me, it’s a Zen experience. The more relaxed we were, the more into the now…the better we played as a team. It’s continuous problem solving with an ever evolving puzzle which happens to have a thought process…..and a bunch of well-armed friends.

So when you can’t kill that Holy Pally, and those two rogues lock you down and make you feel like an amateur….enjoy it, own it and figure out how to return the favor……or just run, it’s just a viable sometimes.

Evans, GA

I hear ya, and I hope it works out this way. I don't like bearing this seething hatred of a portion of this game.

It will be interesting to see how the OP classes evolve. Right now I'm far less concerned about paladins... it's the disc priest and resto shaman that need to get focused hard (first 2 brackets of BG).