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Brooklyn, NY

TWC sucks now in my area too.

I agree that they have a monopoly in my area too. In January I had intermittent connection problems where the modem would show a connection but I could not ping anything. I then had a tech swap out the DCM425 modem for a Ubee modem. Service was great till last August when I doubled my speeds from 10/1 to 20/1 I started to have intermittent connection problems again so I swapped the modem and I got another DCM425. I then had a tech guy come out and he replaced my very old cable line. Ran a new line to the backyard. My connection was good for two weeks until my internet went out on Friday for a few hours. Since then during peak hours Sunday around 7:30 PM it slowed down with packet loss. Monday it was fine until exactly 8 PM and then my upload slowed down to a crawl first then the download slowed down then around 10 PM it was back to normal. I even downgraded my speeds back to 10/1 but it was still slow. These losers even had the nerve to push back my September 18th appointment to October 8th. Three weeks away.

I went back to the TWC center and I swapped my modem again and asked for a new up to date modem. I got a SBG6580. I used it earlier and the speeds were great. Pingtest was a A and I even got 9.96 up and 0.98 down. Then I cooked my supper and ate around 5 PM. I went online at 6 PM to check my email and right away I noticed to took longer then normal. I then ran a speedtest my download was still 9 but my upload was 0.02. I called them up and they said I was getting 96% packet loss. I said the connection was fine until the evening and this all started since the Friday internet outage. Then at exactally 9:48 PM according to my modem logs my speeds were great again. Ping was low around 11 ms and the Speedtest was 10.02 down and 0.98 up. I am getting fed up with them me and my mother reliy on a stable internet connection. I can no longer watch Netflix worrying if it would slow down and drop out.

The thing that really ticks me off is that they do have a monopoly in my area. It is eiter these losers or VDSL. Verizon only offers there crappy DSL in my area with DirecTV. No thanks. So I have to stick with crappy TWC or be without the internet which is not a option.