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Re: GW2: Guardian Thread

Currently playing great sword, mace + focus. The focus gives a great block spell that blocks the next 3 incoming attacks. Mace gives some regen. Greatsword is all dmg or cc spells.

My utilities are the consecration that burns foes and cures conditions and the retreat shout that gives agis and swiftness.

I have found that I can block alot of those 1 shot type hits with the focus spell and this utility spell along with the heal and block spell. And for emergencies I can pop the virtue for on call agis. We can really mitigate alot of dmg with agis.

For talent points I am starting in boon length and virtue recharge. I plan to go 30 into the top row but not until after I get some points into vitality. The 30 points in the top will be for great sword skills.

Majors I want include 5%dmg on great sword, 25% faster skills on two handers, great swords attacks heal, when any agis you apply is popped the enemy is burned, anytime you block the enemy is burned. Also looking into +% dmg on burned targets.

The basic idea is to block most hard hitting attacks and have them burning most of the time. With the healing from great sword attacks and the regen signet on mace I should have some ok survivability. And I can spam virtues for group play.

I'd like to know how many people I need to have around me to justify using my burning virtue. It gives burning on hit to everyone around you, but on cd I dont get my burn on every 5th hit.
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Yeah those CDs on the virtues look like a pain in that you don't get the passive while they're on cool down. I just watched a YT vid on a tankish guardian build. He didn't hit hard but was soloing level 74 group events in Orr, including Champion mobs, with crap gear. He used mace+focus and staff. Looked like fun!