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Spokane, WA
reply to Irish Shark

Re: Not synching at full speed

said by Irish Shark:

"I did place the phone/DSL signal splitter directly at the Telco interface (I/F) box (so house wiring won't radiate or pick up RF near to the degree if I allowed ADSL to propagate throughout the house wiring), and the I/F box is fed via underground service from the underground right-of-way line(s) in the alley (buried electric, telco and CATV).

I doubt that's it. The pattern in the labels suggests that "I" and "F" are separate measurements (other stats show "(upstream/downstream)" there), and each of those stats has two numbers separated by a slash. (The second, "F", number always seems to be 0, though.) Don't think they're downstream and upstream, since all of those have a "near end" and "far end" which would seem to be equivalent, and you don't report an error on your own transmission.

Oh well. It's not that important to me. Just one of those minor mysteries that is irritating to curious people like myself. I suppose only Actiontec really knows.

Boise, ID
Hi, Dawson!

Our management team would be happy to help look into this and work towards a resolution. If you wouldn't mind taking a moment to send us the account details, we'll see what's going on with your service:





Spokane, WA
Well, I did. Got a ticket number and everything. But I'm holding off until I can get around to testing at the protector. Then we'll see if it's really a problem inside or outside. Once that's determined, I'll decide how I want to proceed with CL.