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Franklin, KY

These screen caps might clear up Karl's article.

Even though I live in Franklin, KY I am a Comcast customer in the ongoing trial in Comcast's Nashville, TN market.

I just logged into my Comcast account and took these screen captures.

My Current Data Usage

The image above would be good to replace the image in Karl's article because it shows more detail about what is going on in the Nashville, TN trial.

300 GB Usage Allowance

The image above would clear up what Karl said below in his article.

"In the ongoing trial, customers were given a "grace period" wherein they were only being charged after they crossed the cap three previous times in one month."

Maybe word it something like this below. I'm not a writer. I'm just a dumb redneck hick from Kentucky so spiff it up however you want.

In the ongoing trial, customers are given a "grace period" wherein they are only being charged $10.00 per 50GB block of data after they crossed the 300GB per month cap three times.


Tucson, AZ
Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why I do not see a usage meter on my account page. and never have.. ? Is this a common problem.. any help would be appreciated. I live in Tucson area. thanks