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San Francisco, CA

[Line Problem] ATT dsl spiking at the night recently

I live at SF. My DSL has been having issues since Thursday (8/29) . Web surfing is slow (takes a long time to resolve sites) and connection speeds are variable (sometimes close to max and sometimes less than 1mb -- this is a 6mb DSL circuit).

My ping to all the california servers are messed up and my internet keeps lagging and spiking from 7pm-12pm. When I tried to practise some online gaming, its really annoying

AT&T made an apointment for me with the tech to come over my apt, but that tech told me intead, and he told me its their problem, they need 3 weeks to fix it!!!! 3weeks!!! are you srs?

I suspect it has to be an issue on AT&Ts end -- possibly DNS related.


Similar problems here in Sunnyvale CA, starting on 8/28, still going on as of 9/20. Basic DSL, 768K/384K. Problem seems to be congestion in AT&T network, not DSL line problem. Pings to first hop are consistently excellent, low latency (12 ms), no packet loss. Pings elsewhere are inconsistent, wildly varying latency, lost packets. Some web sites are consistently okay, most are balky and take forever to load. File downloads balky. Video unwatchable, runs for a few seconds, then halts, then runs. All the usual speed test sites show only a fraction of the specified bandwidth -- not suprising, the test starts/stops as it runs. Behavior unaffected by changing modem, fixing different DNS servers, etc. AT&T tech support friendly but unable to solve, they run the usual line tests, all fine. I'm about to punt on AT&T, after many years of satisfied service.