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Re: [KY] Slow speeds for months and still no fix.

They can only do so much and if people keep calling they become a nuisance. It sucks but that's the way it is.

PS Not sure why people insist on getting a supervisor out. Sure most of them were field techs at one point but most of the time they have not been in the field for years and have no tools to do cable work.
I speak for myself, not my employer.

Lazy Senior

Cobden, IL
said by Anonymous:

They can only do so much and if people keep calling they become a nuisance.

What a way to run a business, Tell those that have poor service (and actually have the audacity to complain about it) to go away.

7 years ago when I first had Mediacom cable I was in the same position. Constant problems weekly for over a year and half period. I complained and complained. Mediacom went thru the motions but never did give me satisfactory service. I finally left and went to DSL which for 6 years was rock solid and reliable.

Now thanks to Mediacom Chad I am once again "trying" Mediacom Internet. For 6 months their service has been "adequate". I will never again allow myself to get into the position of suffering thru poor service- from ANY company. If Mediacom ever gives me the poor service like they did 7 years ago I will be back to DSL in a heartbeat.


reply to Anonymous
Hook up an old unprovisioned modem...utilize the handy dandy http daemon included on 99.99999% of modems...look at downstream/upstream dBm and SNR levels on the diag page...there's your fancy signal checking tool *rolls eyes at unequipped techs who refuse to improvise*


Cadiz, KY
reply to Anonymous
I didnt ask for the supervisor or the other techs 3 days in a row to show up. They came unannounced and did some test with their own pc's. They look and me and say "What do you want me to do?". I am not a tech nor claim to be. I just want what I have paid for and not getting.