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Reading, PA
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Re: [DISH] How does Dish Network Internet work?

Did DirecTV own Hughes Net at one point? I remember Hughes made receivers before for them. Plus I see tons of Hughes Net commercials on DirecTV. Never saw so many when I had cable.


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There is a lot to it, but basically the opposite, Hughes owned DirecTV.

DirecTV was originally owned by Hughes Electronics. Hughes Electronics was a subsidiary of General Motors that was made up of a merger between Hughes Aircraft and Delco Electronics. There were a handful of divisions Hughes Electronics was broken into and two of them were Hughes Network Systems (HNS) and Hughes Space Communication. HNS is the division that manufactured the DirecTV receivers back in the old days. Hughes Electronics was a money loser for GM, they wanted to spit DirecTV from the rest of the company. In the early 2000s Dish Network made a bid to buy DirecTV, but the DOJ blocked it. DirecTV was eventually sold to News Corp, who offloaded it to Liberty Media, who after some stock buys out and other things, made DirecTV their own company.

That all pertained to the TV side of the business, the satellite internet service that started out it’s life known as DirecPC , remained being owned by Hughes Communications, which was purchased by Echostar, last year, the former parent company of Dish Network, before Dish was spun off. DirecPC, later was called DirecWay, when two way satellite internet became available using the service. In the beginning, your downstream was handled via satellite, but you needed a phone line and dial up connection for upstream. After DirecTV was sold to News Corp, the name of the service changed from DirecWay to Hughes Net. At one point you could have got the ‘DirecDuo’ dish, which featured two LNBs in one physical housing. One looking at the 101 west orbital location for TV, and one looking at whatever satellite the internet came off of, 95 degrees maybe, I can’t remember now.
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