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reply to ctceo

Re: Call Forwarding

According to the FAQs last updated on Sept. 13, 2012, you will have to pay separately for it. Call forwarding is no longer listed as one of the free features on the www.magicjack.com home page.

"visit »my.magicjack.com and login to set up Call Forwarding. Click "Call Forwarding" under the "Call Features" tab and follow the prompts to check out.

The call forwarding feature may not be used to forward calls to conference, platform and non-ILEC area telephone numbers.

Plan Options: 100 minutes per month $4.95/year, or 500 minutes per month $19.95/year.

Last Update: Sep 13, 2012"

Technically feasible
West Hartford, CT
.... which will trigger another exodus to GVJack, NetTalk et al.

If I used call forwarding, this would be a dealbreaker. Dan had better hope that most of his remaining customers are like me.


Rockville, MD
reply to redpepper
I logged in to my account and Call Forwarding isn't an option under the FEATURES tab. This makes it appear that CF is no longer available to me.

Even though the chat transcript indicates the feature is still available to current customers, the FAQ does not mention it at all.

I am very disappointed and if the CF is now a extra option especially after I'm paid up for a year, I'm looking elsewhere.


Rockville, MD
The work around link (my.magicjack.com/call-forwarding.html) is still working for me.

South Bend, IN
reply to DrStrange
It'll probably still be cheap as hell compared to standard ISP/Phone provider pricing.


reply to DrStrange
Anyone hear about nettalk.com ? It does the same thing and has call forwarding.


I checked out nettalk.com Looks like they have a number porting option and I wonder if I could port my MJ # to nettalk and then use their CF feature. For me it's not so much a money issue. It's an availability issue and being able to keep my MJ number because it's on my biz cards and I just received a whole new batch of biz cards. It will me take a while to use up my cards. Switching to a service that has CF is cheaper than getting new cards.