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reply to WadeG

Re: [KY] Slow speeds for months and still no fix.

Why don't you just cancel your service and find another provider. Get DSL service or go with a wireless provider. It obvious they don't have much interest in getting this fixed. If other people in the area were complaining they would probably have some more incentive. Right now it's probably just you. Or calm down, downgrade to 3 or 12 mbit service and help yourself to a lower bill. It's not the end of the world if you're not getting exactly 20 mbit.

Lazy Senior

Cobden, IL
said by Doityourself :

If other people in the area were complaining they would probably have some more incentive. Right now it's probably just you.

This is the BIG problem for Mediacom. One unsatisfied customer is almost guaranteed to tell others about his poor experience with Mediacom. Not only locally but on the internet.

My village is a perfect example. Mediacom has such a poor reputation here that it is extremely difficult for them to get new customers. Word gets around in a small town, and Mediacom pays the price by not getting the volume of customers they should have. Competition like DSL and the TV satellite companies make Mediacom pay a very high price for poor customer service...


Cadiz, KY
reply to Doityourself
I agree that DSL is an option but I do not even have phone lines in my house. I know I am not the only 1 complaining that they are not getting close to what we are paying for. I was just thinking that if I post on more than the Mediacom forum that Mediacom would get up and fix the issue. I have found out that they do not care what kind of service they provide you just better pay for it.


reply to Doityourself
I'd love to find another provider, but Mediacon is a monopoly corporation here... It was SUPPOSED to be regulated by the local municipality, but the city is controlled by the corporate money here now. The corporations are not bound by law, and they're even being allowed to be judge and jury if they 'feel' someone has broken the law over their connections...

My serviced are still at half the promised speed. Still not fixed and being ignored now.

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
XeveX, I will be happy to look into the speed issues you area currently having. Can you send me an IM with your account or phone number?


Cadiz, KY
See not just me it the area. Controlled by Mediacom ignored by Mediacom. There motto is "Fastest internet vs dial up". Throw your money at us and we will give you what you get. Cancel and pay us more.