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reply to clocks11

Re: Pixelation and Freezing has never been resolved

said by clocks11:

I still have issues, but I mostly watch Netflix & Amazon Prime these days. Tempted to dump my cable tv, but I don't pay much more for it than it would if I just bought broadband, so in the near term I will keep tv. If they continue to raise prices, as I suspect they will, I will probably drop tv down the line.

I'm not set up to watch TV that way and with the shows my son likes to watch including PBS and Disney I don't think those services would work anyway.

It is just so frustrating. I've had WOW since they purchased Ameritech in this area and things were always good, of course with the occasional hiccup. But I know all the current problems can be traced back to the digital conversion. When they did that all hell broke loose with their video service. Someone needs to realize there are problems, serious problems.

If things continue the way they are I will do what I never thought I would and switch to the other cable company. The extra $20 (or more) will be painful but at least I won't have to deal with these issues. I know every cable co. has problems but from my exposure to them theirs are nothing like what I have experienced with WOW lately.



Mine does it really bad but only on the channels after 100 and the premium channels like HBO and Showtime. I got tired of calling and will probably cancel Showtime after Dexter and keep HBO for GO.