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[GA] Outage in GA?

Was on the internet when I got off at work at 9:50 pm. Around 10:45 pm it got extremely slow. I reset my router and modem and now have no internet at all.



It's been down in Florida for over two hours now...someone must have tripped and pulled out the dialup modem phone line from the regional office LOL....no seriously...I'm furious and really kicking myself for being recently suckered into a contract extension at this point. I can understand a car wreck snapping a pole and the line way down the road being snapped...I can even understand a server/router or CMTS freezing up now and again and needing a reboot. My question is...why do they not have spare parts or a server farm(load balancing) to feed alternate routes/nodes when one goes dark (like the power grid to handle massive regional outages)? This is insanity...COMCAST OR COX PLEASE COME BUY OUT NAVARRE AND GULF BREEZE FLORIDA....let the big dogs handle this Mediacom because YOU cannot.



Still down... ...I really hope I don't have to call 911 tonight for an emergency...although what a FANTASTIC story for the media to run..."Family unable to call 911 due to random lengthy service outages on the mediacom network...could you be next?...hello im reporter joe...and I can see the mundane response that WILL fall on deaf ears..."oh but we have disclaimers stating 911 won't work during an outage"...trust us WE KNOW...think the media will air your little fine print disclaimer mediacom? eh? eh?

Mediacom Social Media Relations Team
Gulf Breeze, FL
reply to HangKarma

Are you still having service issues, I am currently not seeing any service interruptions in your area.