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Extremely Disappointed in ACS

I also live in Nikiski. Moved in here about 8 years ago. Hooked up the DSL, and all was good with only minor intermittent hiccups in packet loss or bandwidth at peak times. Then in went the gradeschool internet down the road...instant peak time 20-40% packet loss and .2 to .4 download speeds. After literally having to fight with them on the phone about this being there issue, they reduced my payment by 20$ a month. So now I'm paying 80$ a month for a 14.4k dial up connection essentially (dial up is more stable by far, but ACS cant install a second line here). As of three days ago, the bottom has dropped out of the bucket. Minimum of 45 seconds to load one standard sized webpage. Bandwidth, Ping, and Jitter won't even register on any tests...now heres the kicker. At least 15 of my neighbors are all experiencing the same issues, have all made the same calls to ACS demanding a fix, and have all recieved the same story; its on our end. Oh, so my brand new internal phone lines I had installed must be faulty. Maybe, just maybe it has to do with the overloaded COPPER phone box by the Stop and Go Cafe (not that one of your internal techs released that information or anything). ACS Tech's quote, "we have crammed as much copper into that box as is possible...its a known bottleneck". Wonderful Alaska service...just wonderful! If you live in Nikiski or Northern Kenai, forget DSL, or Wireless internet (it uses the same overloaded substations as the DSL internet).