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This is a sub-selection from Still WAY behind Verizon

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
reply to EvelKub

Re: Still WAY behind Verizon

My test with friend's phone was pretty recent, but I will have to give it a run again. Thanks for the info. Curious if maybe they lit my town up a bit late or maybe don't cover my side. If it's the former, might be time to trade in my EvDO hotspot for an lte one. I live on the Hancock border side(Hancock is not listed), which is pretty deep in the woods. I feel lucky to even get HSPA+, but LTE would be great. Lanesboro has sparse population, but covers a decent area. Main roads are rt7 and 8, both of which I am kind of far from, but the fact New Ashford is lit up sounds promising(not too far from there). Only way I get real broadband is with a little help from my friends hosting wireless backhaul links for me(main link and 1 repeater closer to me to aim the signal over the trees down to me).
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Mesa, AZ
Verizon is planning to launch heavy in Rural areas to offer Home Fusion... I recently visited my family in Ohio and was actually quite surprised how far outside of town the LTE signal went... »www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/home ··· /main.do

If you prefer a regular data card and are still outside their range, you could get one of these... They are highly rated, and have worked well for me when I'm far out from the city.
»www.wilsonelectronics.com/store/ ··· eek-4g-v