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Dallas, TX
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Re: How do I talk to AT&T Retention?

They let me have it for 6 more months at $24.95 a month with no contract for the same 6016 Kbps/768 Kbps.

I told the lady I wanted to keep the same plan and rate I am currently on.

When she asked me for permission to use my personal information to sell me other AT&T services, I politely told her no and that she would just be wasting her time because i can't afford it.

Got to have internet and money is tight.

I was polite about it and she was understanding.

I have tried going to the Public Library but you only get two 55 min sessions per day, you have to wait your turn, they are not open on Sunday and Monday, the computers are old and still running Internet Explorer and Window 2000, some webpages and PDF and Words documents won't open properly, you cannot download anything, you cannot save anything to the Hard Drive, not every terminal accepts a CD-Rom/DVD RW disc or a thumb drive so when you reserve one, you are playing russian roulette, it costs 25 cents per page to print and sometime it doesn't print out whatever it's showing on the monitor.

Good luck to you!


Dallas, TX
So I get my bill today and it's showing $50.27!!

I have a letter from AT&T dated August 28th confirming my conversation with retention that I was getting the same rate of $24.95 for another year.

My last month bill was $49 which is for the first 2 months of the new year period and this month's bill should be about $2.

I call AT&T and they are telling me about computer coding and stuff and how I couldn't get the same promotion again even after Retention put it on there and I have a confirmation letter to prove it.

So in the previous year when I renewed it at the same rate, I paid for 2 months on the first bill of the new 12 months period and the next bill was like $1.75.

It was supposed to be the same thing this time around and because AT&T screwed up, that's how my 2nd bill of the new 12 months period is $50.27.

They now have to manually adjust it.

So this month, after the adjustment, the $50 erroneous bill will be $27.22 and next month bill, according to Erika or Erica, it will be credited and adjusted to a couple of $.

She says there are many steps involved in fixing my account and she won't be able to do it until next Tuesday and she has my cell phone number and will call me next week for a confirmation.

Don't tell me I can't get the same promotion twice.

If I can't, retention should never have told me I could and I should never have gotten a confirmation letter like I did in the previous year.

Furthermore, I like many other people have a monthly budget.

To pay double for the internet 2 months in a row when my budget only allows $25 a month and when I was told I am getting the same $24.95 a month rate, is not right.

AT&T should be able to fix that right away instead of me having to pay double and then wait another month for the rate to be adjusted correctly and my over-payments to be credited.

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Go ahead and post a follow up in the post in At&t direct...

Let them know about the billing problem.. I'm sure David See Profile will send it up to a manager to take care of it.