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Cleveland, OH

Already done in the AT&T/Ohio Bell Area

This has already been done in the Ohio Bell area (which interesting they started using that brand again on things). For 3 years now we havent had a set standard on anything, including repair if you bundle your services. And bundling includes any service that you have on the same bill, LD, Caller ID, Internet, etc. Bundle them and lose your MTS and repair times. Michigan is another state of at&ts that lost their MTS and more to come. at&t just merge their wireline side with VZs and just keep their own wireless companies. Especially since nobody is going to want them. Or turn them into a full wholesale company and let 3rd party providers in, and they could even re-design their DSL network and set it up that no matter who is your ISP, you can basically change it over night by changing your login- like in Canada.
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