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Erlanger, KY


For those of you that have experienced the black hole that can be waiting on hold to speak to a Clear customer service representative, give their facebook a shot next time.


A few months back, my Apollo died. It was bought refurbished and was maybe a month out of warranty. It kept disconnecting and when it was connecting the speeds were horrible to the point that I knew it wasn't just throttling because the upload was terrible and I wasn't seeing any issues on my home modem with just about the same usage. Well, they were having a sale on all their devices at the time and I called and 'support chatted' trying to get someone to offer me the sale price on a device. No luck. I posted to Facebook, chatted with one of their reps there and had a new device on its way for the sale price twenty minutes after their first response to me.

Last month I needed to change my billing date. I messaged them on Facebook, ten minutes later without any time spent on hold and me going about my business after the message was sent, I got a message that my billing date was changed to what I needed it to be.

I love my Clear service. I know it's very location dependent in regards to speed results, but it's great where I live. I always dreaded dealing with costumer service, I don't anymore. Now I REALLY love my Clear service.

Formerly known as schja01.
Morton Grove, IL
Facebook is EVIL.


Dallas, TX
reply to mikalares
I'm eagerly waitin June 20, 2013 when I can cancel Clear w/o etf.

Port Richey, FL
reply to JimThePCGuy
For you to say that must mean you hate facebook,there is nothing evil about facebook at all.