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reply to hottboiinnc4

Re: Nothing strange about this objective.

I don't think anyone is really disputing that, of course it can replace it. If it's done right. But you're trusting monopolies/oligopolies to raise caps with government oversight? Doesn't sound like a winning combination to me. The way it's playing out we will only have two providers, less competition is not good for the consumer. And look at how great the government has been at regulating it thus far.


Cleveland, OH
and this is why unlicensed WiMax is available. Anyone is free to launch their own ISP. Why does it always have be to be on the ILEC and the major MSOs? Why can't some every day Joe launch the company that competes? Oh wait, DSLR doesn't believe in that.

3 words: Middle Mile prices.


Sandy, UT
Who needs the price them out at the middle layer, just use the monopoly to undercut prices till they go under then raise them back up. No investor in their right mind would overbuild because of that.

Look at what is happening to Utopia? Both Comcast and USworst (Now centurylink) both offer sweetheart deals to everyone that can get Utopia service, in fact prices are less than half the rest of the state. No one can reasonably compete against an entity that can simply price service below cost to drive you out of business.


Washington, IL
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reply to viperlmw
Sir, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT on the problem being the Middle Mile!

After talking to some small town Telcos, they blame the high prices of their Middle Mile suppliers for not going to fiber as quickly as many would like.

In my area, the finger was pointed to AT&T as the WORST offender. One small Telco finally just installed their own 70 mile fiber line, to get around the Death Star and their high costs!