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There is already a replacement

They are already planning the transition. »www.att.com/shop/wireless/device ··· ver.html now allows you to replace your wired phone service with a wireless based one and with the latest LTE devices the speeds are well above what can be attained with DSL. I have already seen prepaid plans with 50Gigs of data for $69.95. The data buckets will eventually grow for each carrier due to competitive pressures.


That device is great, that isn't the issue. It's the ability for them to turn of service to DSL (part of POTS) without notice or regulation as they wanted if deemed information services not telecom services. Also, please show me 50 gigs of LTE for $69.95? Verizon, the largest LTE provider (wah wah we need more spectrum) charges $60 for 10GB Home Fusion LTE "Cantenna".


reply to Itwillhappen
Note: Wireless Home Phone service is not compatible with services requiring data including but not limited to home security systems, wireless messaging and data services, fax service, DVR/Satellite systems, medical alert systems, medical monitoring systems, credit card machines, IP/PBX Phone systems, dial-up, or DSL Internet service.