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Fullerton, CA
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They were protected from competition all those years.

These former regulated utilities were protected from competition for all these years.

AT&T, the phone company, the power company, the water and gas company, all were protected form pesky competitors. They were guaranteed a ROI and in exchange they had to provide adequate service.

That was then. Now, we need internet service and guess what? There are those copper wires that they were given easements to put in, and we paid to put them in and maintain them all those years. The phone company never paid for that, it was paid by the ratepayers. As a regulated monopoly. Remember those "Rate Cases?"

Now they are all big and they want to be able to do what they want, screw us as much as they can and raise the rates and charge overages. They don't want to be regulated. They don't want to be forced by the government or by law to provide a level of service they might find inconvenient.

But guess what? You can't undo the last 100 years, all the money they got from *US* to build and maintain their copper plant, to build and maintain central offices, to pay their employees, all that was from US.

The ILECs need to be forever regulated because of what went on before, unless they want to pay back the last 100 years of guaranteed profit, and to pay me $400 a month for the easement they have back on my property line.

And yeah, I do want to go back the whole time. I want all the money they owe me if they want to be free of regulation.

There isn't enough money in the world to undo the guaranteed profit these companies have made because of being protected from pesky competition in the past.

They must remain regulated, and we need an internet user bill of rights to protect us from them now that they want to dump us. The think they don't need us anymore, but after all this time they need more regulation, not less.